The history of Jiaoxi hot spring can be traced back to Japanese governance period in 19th century. Along with the tourism developments of Yilan, it has now become one of the most popular and reachable hot spring destinations in northern Taiwan.

Spring Type: Medium Carbonate Water (Sodium carbonate)
Appearance: Clear, Odorless, Colorless
Temperature: 55℃



     Weekdays Holiday
For 2 person NT$980 NT$1200
For 4 person NT$1280 NT$1500
Weekdays|Monday to Friday      Holiday|Saturday to Sunday, national holidays


Come and soak in the relaxing atmosphere, enjoy a good hot spring bath in a private stone tub, a sip of fine oolong tea in a comfy chair, and a luxurious nap in a soft king size bed --- all in a private space reserved exclusively for you for 1.5Hr.

Come in any time during the day to check availability, or call +886-3988-3988 for reservations within 2 weeks.